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Featured Case: Erik Liskey
You probably know that narcotics traffickers try to leave clues so that drug dealers can find them but the government cannot. This is always a tricky balance. If a trafficker leaves too obscure a clue, drug dealers will never be able to find them. If the clue is too simple, even the newest gumshoe police detective will track him down.

Many narcotics traffickers ultimately get too greedy, try to expand their dealer clientele by dropping simple clues, and lead Cranea right to their doorstep. Such was the case with Erik Liskey, the cocaine smuggler who built the infamous plexiglass submarine of 2004.

I found this dog-eared page while searching through all the books Mr. Liskey had recently returned to Green Library. Not but five minutes later, I had him in handcuffs. Mr. Liskey, needless to say, won't be making any more submarines until at least 2034...


Excerpt from A Time to Remember: Stanford Poetry of the Post-Modern Renaissance

Once upon a time, and long, long ago
Horizon uncluttered, miraculously so
A man named Portola traveled the way
With his band of brothers to the San Francisco Bay

In a campsite they rested and looked at the sky
The constellations…the stars, and pondered why,
Why one day good old Leland and Jane
Would someday honor this place by the Train?

A catalogue record is available from the Library of Congress
ISBN: 512-1611215-1122015

Printed in USA

Where did we find him?



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