California Rapid Alert Narcotics Enforcement Agency
Solution 11: Stanford Map
The map is the obvious place to start, so the first task is to determine all of the marked locations:

The first letters of these locations spell out "DARTBOARDSEMUENCE".... hmm, but if we just use "Quad" instead of "Main Quad", we get:


So the "singles, doubles, or triples" title really refers to positions on a dartboard, not dorm rooms after all.

Each group of 5 numbers are scores acheivable on a standard dartboard in either the triple ring, the double ring (including the center bullseye), or elsewhere. (If teams didn't know what a dartboard looks like, typing "analyze dartboard sequence" into the Networking Toolkit would show them a picture). Simply plot each group of 5 scores on its own dartboard, and connect consecutive scores to form letters:

The "dartboard sequence" spells out DECIDE NOW EXT 01123. (0,1,1,2,3 happen to be the first 5 terms of the Fibonacci sequence, which is the best sequence of all.)

The next location page describes what happens when teams entered extension 01123 into the Automated Help-Line.

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