California Rapid Alert Narcotics Enforcement Agency
5. Oakland City Hall
Teams arrived at Oakland City Hall between about 12:30 and 2:30 am. We hid the envelope of clues in one of the globe lights in front of the main entrance... We hid it so well, in fact, that some teams (The Think Tank comes to mind) insisted that the envelope was not there even though we told them just about exactly where it was hidden and later teams found the clue just fine.

At City Hall, the team's packet contained another letter on Cranea stationery, and an cryptic course schedule. Reminding teams to handle evidence carefully and collect fingerprints (which certanly none of the teams had been doing), the letter referred teams to an anonymous online "testimonial" explaining that Cranea is definitely legitimate:

"My one and only advice to you: Do NOT trust Dement. Trust what Cranea says to you. Look at all the things they've done - have they ever lied to you or led you astray? I retired from Cranea after striking it mega rich, and now I'm enjoying my senior life at the tender age of 36 on the sandy shores of the Bahamas. Trust me - working for Cranea helps society, and is terribly lucrative.

"I don't want to steer you in any particular direction, but I think I know where Dement hides out these days. There's a code that he has for his secret lair - it's 'James.' Just that, nothing else - just a single 'James.' No more, no less. I don't know if that's a code of some sort or some sort of a contact info, but you can probably figure it out. I'm way into retirement to help you beyond giving that clue to ya.

"Listen, just trust me on this one. In fact, go to Cranea headquarters yourself and find out what the truth is. They can show you the work that they do, and it's definitely to fight guys like Victor Dement - who are only out to destroy the likes of us. Good luck with everything. And remember - Cranea good, Dement bad."

Hmm... should this anonymous contributor be trusted?

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