California Rapid Alert Narcotics Enforcement Agency
4. Lake Merritt Fountain
Late Friday night, teams arrive at Lakeside Park, on the north end of Lake Merritt in Oakland. A shady man is on the beach, who speaks to them silently via cardboard placards:
  1. I must tell you something about Cranea that Mission Control doesn’t want you to know.
  2. It is not safe to talk here. Two or three of you must follow me into the lake where they cannot hear us.
  3. You must leave all electronic devices behind; cellphones, watches, iPods included.
  4. To ensure that you have removed all electronic items, I will squirt you with water.

After the team members volunteer, the man douses them with water from a Super Soaker.

The shady man and the players take a pair of rubber rafts and row out into the lake, towards a brilliantly lit fountain about 30 meters from the shore. The noise of the running water provides some background noise to protect their conversation from Cranea's advanced spying technology.

Photo courtesy of Team Think Tank

Out in the water, the man whispers: "Cranea is not the narcotics enforcement agency it claims to be. Dement owns Cranea. As Cranea, he is leading you on a wild goose chase, farther and farther from safety, so he can capture you in secret and use you as guinea pigs for his new super drug. Here is a video recording of Dr. Dement. See if you aren't convinced."

The man gives a CD to the team members and they row back to shore.

When the teams return to the car, they are greeted by Dement's mocking voice (it was an audio CD, not a video recording after all):

“Mwahahahahahahahaha … you fools! You thought you could catch me?!

“The man who gave you this recording – that was my henchman! And that was no mere water that he squirted you with, that was my Super Drug! It is too late now... surely the infection has already spread throughout your entire team of pitiful narcotics enforcement gumshoes!

“What is my Super Drug, you ask? Only the most powerful narcotic ever invented by man. It’ll put you to sleep eventually, and when it does, I’ll be able to use you for the powers of evil! Mwahahahahahahahaha!

“You see, I created this Cranea training mission simply to lure the world’s brightest young minds to one place. With the most intelligent subjects fallen under the control of my new mind control serum, oh, just imagine the things I could do!

“I could use you, with your knowledge of biology and chemistry, to manufacture a new weapon of majorly mass destruction …

“I could use you, with your knowledge of physics and math, to tweak the universe and make the black hole swallow up the sun …

“I could use you, with your unbridled ambition, to infiltrate the faculty of Stanford and change the graduation requirements so that all students have to take two PWR classes each year for four years before they can graduate! Oh, just think! All those seniors who think they’re done with their undergraduate degree requirements … heehehehehehehehehehehe!

“Yes... sleep now, young narcotics enforcers, and your brains will be mine to control. I’ve composed a lullaby to help you rest...

"And of course, to show that I am indeed CRANEA, I put another message in your evidence folder. Just type analyze. It’s code d-c-m-e-m-b-y-o."

Typing "analyze dcmembyo" into the networking toolkit only complicates the situation further. It displays:

We have determined that Dr. Dement recently hacked into the Cranea servers and filled this file with lies to trick you into believing he is controlling Cranea for his own evil purposes. We have since deleted Dr. Dement's lies, and patched the security hole so it will not happen again. You can trust that this message comes directly from Cranea Mission Control.

Anyway, we see that you have been infected by Dement's Super Drug. We are sorry. We tried to call you and warn you, but apparently you left your cell phones behind, so there was nothing we could do. At least know that it will not kill you, it'll simply make you a tool for Dement to use at his will if you fall asleep.

Remember also the more important point: Dement is lying. Cranea was not created by Dement; it is not a festering hole for young, smart, capable minds. Cranea is completely against Dement; we are trying to capture him.

The only way for you to beat Dement and capture him is to continue being awake and alert. If you successfully get past him and apprehend him, you will be the winner in our quest to capture a world-class criminal! His full autobiography would have told you only parts of the evil of which he is capable.

We did leave a copy of Dement's lullaby on the Cranea Computing Environment in the hopes that you could find some clue to Dement's present location. We wish you a fruitful venture, and hope that all the candy and caffeine you brought will keep you awake in the next phase of your mission.

P.S. We have determined that the music tracks on the CD with Dement's message are for your enjoyment only.

Who to trust? Is Dement really controlling Cranea to lure the brightest narcotics-enforcement minds into a trap to test his mind control serum? Or is perhaps Dement just claiming that he controls Cranea to trick you into mistrusting and harming your employer so he can escape its dragnet?

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