California Rapid Alert Narcotics Enforcement Agency
3. Fraternity Hill
As the sun set on Friday night, teams arrived at a hillside covered with the giant Greek initials of CSU Hayward fraternities and sororities. We placed a yellow padded envelope with the clues about 10 feet up on the right side of the hill, next to one of the letters in MEChA, which is not really a fraternity or sorority at all.

We didn't tell teams where on the hill to find the envelope (and at this point, they didn't even know that most clues were hidden in an envelope), so players had to climb around the steep hillside and search for it. Due to the rain and wind earlier in the day, the hill was rather wet, and unfortunately at least one player fell and bruised her leg here.

When they opened the envelope, teams found a letter from Cranea attached to a psychological profile of Dr. Dement. The letter explained that Cranea had tried to arrange an interview with Dement's college roommate, but since the team was sooo slow to arrive "we let him go home." In lieu of actually meeting the roommate, teams could read a transcript of Cranea's interview with the roommate via the Networking Toolkit ("transcript nmroyiry"):

Transcript Retrieval System
N.M. Royiry
4/22/2005 Transcript

"Victor? Yeah, I knew him. I sure wished to hell I didn't - but I did. Can you turn that light down? Geez, what are you tryin' ta do, make me go blind or something?

"Yeah, he was a weird one. I knew him in college. Undergrad. Freshman roommates, you know? [Shakes head.] He was such a great guy, especially for that first two months. We were in a quad, him and me and two other guys. We weren't room roommates, but we got along the best out of the four of us. We took Mummies for Dummies together, complained about our humanities requirements, hiked the dish - I think that's what did it for him. The day we hiked the dish.

"He suddenly started getting interesting in strange things. He was a smart guy, I knew that. But he got so into our chem class and all the things we talked about there. Gradually he started talking about only chemicals. Chemicals and what he thought was in around the dish. The dish? Oh, it was just this huge ... dish ... that we had. In the back of campus. Huh? I don't know, some kind of ... a satellite ... receiver, maybe ...

"Anyway, yeah, he started demanding he be allowed to take multiple midterms for his chem classes. He stopped going out, he stopped talking to me. He stopped showering. Eventually it just got to a point where all he could talk about was the dish and his chemicals and whatever he was going to do with his next great invention.

"We stopped talking by the end of that year. He was always smart, so he eventually graduated early and went into a grad program ... he was premed but finished a chem Ph.D. program before he went to med school. Worked at a place called FLAC, too. Something ... something Linear Accelerator ... something. I don't remember.

"What concerned me most was the way he always talked about this strange brotherhood that he said existed among all the smart chem guys. Like ... some kind of a bond, where smart folks were supposed to help each other. Help each other get rid of dumb people, in one way or another. It just got too ... frightening.

"One more thing. There were always these rumors... some people said the Government of Colombia was watching him. I hate to say this, but I wouldn't blame them. He was a smart guy. Once a nice guy, too. But he's changed. He's just too unstable. He and his brotherhood of chem people ... they can't be trusted. You have to stop him."

By the time the last few teams arrived, the campus police had arrived and ordered everyone to stay off the hill. We gave these teams the secret code to extract the letter and clue from the Networking Toolkit.


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