California Rapid Alert Narcotics Enforcement Agency
2. Mission San José
Around 7 PM, teams began arriving at the second location, a Franciscan mission that was built in 1797 and has since been reconstructed and turned into a museum.

As teams arrived, they were greeted by Cranea representative Jazib (played by himself), who had already tracked down the radiant actress Kitti Columbus (Sarah Carroll), former love interest of Dr. Dement. She began:

"So what about Victor? Why are you coming to talk to me about him? He hasn’t done nothing wrong, and I won’t have you asking me questions to make me say that he’s a bad man!

“All right, if you promise me that you’re not trying to get him in trouble, I’ll tell you about him. Victor is … well, Victor is just a shy person. Very shy. And very, very quiet. He doesn’t recommend himself well to others at all, but that doesn’t mean that he’s a bad person! It’s just hard for him to make friends sometimes.

“I first met Victor at the aquarium. He was wearing his white lab coat, and I was just sitting there, being lonely. He just walked up to me and said, ‘Excuse me, I don’t mean to be forward – but you look an awful lot like Scarlet O’Hara.’ I laughed, he was so cute. Then he took me out to lunch – or tried to, anyway. We were supposed to eat at a place called Union Square, but for some reason he couldn’t pay for our food. The manager kept yelling at us that Victor was using counterfeit dining points, or something – I don’t even know who was trying to keep score, or giving us fake points, or anything. I had to promise the manager that we’d be extra sweet the next time we came around, until he finally let us go. So you see? Victor’s just a shy, poor man. He’s not terribly rich, but he wanted to take a girl out to a nice lunch..”

"But you know, I haven't heard from Victor in almost 5 years now. I don't know what happened to us, just one day he left me this grid and some cutout shapes and disappeared..."

Then Kitti handed teams a copy of the clue.

Agent Jazib also gave the teams the access code "whois uapfrgka", saying that it would help them learn more about Kitti, but it turned out we didn't get around to putting much of her biography in the computer program.

After the first 15 teams had long since left the scene, our actors still had made no contact with 3C's Team DumDums. We eventually called them to discover that they had gone out to dinner after solving the first clue, and that they wouldn't continue. Some of their team members apparently wanted to get back to the Friday night parties, so we dismissed them from the training. April 22 was an uncharacteristically cold and windy night, and our actors were quite good sports in braving the elements while waiting for everyone to arrive!

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