California Rapid Alert Narcotics Enforcement Agency
Solution: Fuzzy Math

The preamble to the clue clue links to the laws.html page, which contains an oddly preformatted version of the California Narcotics Forfeiture Laws. The solution was hidden in this text by indenting various lines to spell certain words in the vertical direction.

The first step to solving this clue is to convert all of the various Constitutional trivia facts from the pdf file to numbers:

The number after the loop integral sign (similar to §) represents the Section, the argument to ln() is the line offset within a section, and the number before dω is the word offset within that line. Negative line offsets require backtracking into the previous section.

As noted in the hint in the recruiting presentation, the number on top of the integral sign is the number of characters to extract, in the direction given by the arrow on the bottom of the integral sign.

The warmup problem is not part of the solution, but it is intended as an aid in figuring out this process, since a search for "airplanes" in laws.html will find one result, in section 5, the 2nd line, 6th word.

The remaining words are as follows:

Section 2.3, 14th line (up into previous section), 5th word, 5 characters downward = don't
Section 2, 19th line, 3rd word, 6 characters downward = forget
Section 1, 4th line, 5th word, 2 characters downward = to
Section 6, 3rd line, 9th word, 5 characters downward = bring
Section 7, 1st line, 8th word, 1 character downward = a
Section 2, 10th line (up into previous section), 7th word, 5 characters downward = towel

So the answer is "don't forget to bring a towel", that being Towelie's catchphrase in South Park episode 508.

The main intent of this solution was to prepare teams for the possibility of getting wet during the rafting sequence on Lake Merritt, and of course it tied into the drug enforcement theme since Towelie was always getting high. We know that ten teams solved the clue (since they were supposed to put the answer on the application), and indeed the teams who failed to solve it tended to complain a bit more about getting wet....

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