California Rapid Alert Narcotics Enforcement Agency
Cranea Recruiting: Get Ready....
It was apparent from the applications that about half of the teams had not even solved the first pre-game clue. So that these teams weren't woefully unprepared, CEO Gordon Corder himself sent out the following message on the night before the training:

-----Original Message-----
From: Gordon Corder []
Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2005 11:46 PM
Subject: Cranea Recruiting: Get Ready...

Dear Team Atomic Tangerine:

So you have enlisted as a Cranea agent - good for you. No doubt you
will face much excitement in your first official quest to capture
the many narcotics offenders that terrorize our society. This will
not be the last time for you to hear that, when you track down an
offender as a member of the narcotics enforcement industry, you can
receive hundreds of thousands of dollars of the offender's forfeited
real-estate, automobiles, and cash assets. This point is simply too
good for us not to belabor.

For the training tomorrow, be sure to bring:
* One or more laptops, with power adapters
* One or more cell phones, with power adapters or car chargers

It may also help to bring:
* Flashlights
* Snacks
* Maps
* Code sheets
* Various textbooks
* Calculators
* Stanford Bulletin
* Stanford Directory
* Unofficial Guide to Stanford
* 2008 Freshman Facebook
* Time Schedules
* Scissors
* Tape
* Money
* Pencil and Paper

Tomorrow you will be competing with 16 other teams of recruits to
arrest a heinous narcotics trafficker, in an all-night "interview"
for a job at Cranea! Also, remember that while it may be tempting to
collaborate with, hinder, or secretly follow other teams, actions
such as these would violate our recruiting policies and will be
harshly penalized.

Make sure that your team is ready at 6:00 PM tomorrow. We will call
the primary contact and provide the initial location of our training
session at that time.

Drugs are not a Game,

Dr. Gordon Corder
CEO, Cranea

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