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Website Easter Egg
To reward teams' curiosity, we hid a mini-puzzle with a free-15-minute-hint bonus ($1500 salary) on the Cranea website. When teams submitted a picture with their application, their picture was saved with a random file name in the directory. Anyone who tried to browse the directory (e.g., to look at the other teams' pictures) would have found the easter.txt file with the following mini-puzzle:

Curiosity has its rewards.

To get a FREE hint (of the 15-minute variety) during NEA training, 

tell the Cranea Rep the answer to the following riddle:

Bigger Than Ena


Does Greek dio divide me?

	Of course no. 

Neither does tria, nor pente, 

	nor okto.

How small can I be, 

	and yet not be prime, oh?

It would benefit your team not to share the existence of this riddle.


As far as we know, nobody found this puzzle.

The answer -- the smallest composite number not divisible by 2, 3, or 5 -- is, of course, 49 (saranda-enia).


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