California Rapid Alert Narcotics Enforcement Agency
Clue 6: Equations
Teams received the following case file:


This case was last worked on by Agents Maxwell and Faraday, who, after their relocation to Cranea’s Midwest base of operations in Detroit, Michigan, have become two of the most recent victims of Dement’s Super Drug. In their notes on the case, they insist upon the importance of the following equations:

We also found in the pocket of Maxwell’s uniform jacket a crumpled piece of paper with the following notes hurriedly scrawled on it:

— — —     — H — —     —     — — — — — F — —
— — — — — N — —

Unfortunately, no supplementary notes have been found explaining why these particular equations are so crucial. Unless Maxwell or Faraday can overcome the effects of Dement’s powerful narcotic, it is unlikely we will be able to obtain any more information from him. So we now turn this case to you. For your convenience in navigating the streets of downtown Berkeley, California, we have provided two complementary maps of the region.

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