California Rapid Alert Narcotics Enforcement Agency
Clue 5: Course Schedule
Teams received a piece of paper, on which was written:

In a recent raid, Cranea obtained the following schedule. Its previous owner appeared to be in the midst of decoding it, but he took a poison pill when Cranea arrived. The first part appears to be a straightforward alphabetical list, but our conventional decoding methods have failed to provide clues to the meaning of the second part. We are enlisting your help to make sense of it. It is crucial that you solve this speedily so that Cranea can continue to provide its best response to the actions of Dr. Dement. Give us a call when you’re done.

A: Advanced Greek: Plato
B: Applied Group Theory
C: Beazley and After
D: Cancer Epidemiology
E: Differential Geometry
F: Ecosystems of California
G: Hellenistic Poetry
H: Human-Centered Design for Aerospace Engineers
I: Introduction to Lighting and Production
J: Introduction to Symmetry Analysis
K: Model Selves: Francis of Assisi
L: Modern Physics

M: Path Dependence and Economic Analysis
N: Philosophy and the Scientific Revolution
O: Posture
P: Real Estate Development
Q: Rereading Judaism in Light of Feminism
R: Russian Critical Traditions
S: Spanish Dialectology
T: Supply Chain Management
U: The Problem of God
V: Tibetan Ritual Life
W: Utopia and Reality in Modern Urban Planning
X: Writing the Honors Thesis

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