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Featured Case: Buck Argenziano
Three years ago, I was a senior at Stanford, spending my Spring quarter cramming for both the LSAT and MCAT, and generally being flummoxed about what to do after graduation. That's when my dormmate Michael Nyman told me about the upcoming Cranea recruiting session. He was looking for another member for his training team -- someone who was an expert on the ancient Mycenaean script, Linear B. I had just finished writing my Classics honors thesis on the Mycenaeans, so I joined, not knowing what to expect.

That night, Cranea sent us on the trail of Buck Argenziano, who managed an illegal cocaine shipping route between Honduras and Santa Cruz. After a few minutes of checking business registrations in Soquel city hall, we found a warehouse registered to a company named "Argen Enterprises", and we figured we had our man.

When we got to the warehouse, it was deserted; the cavernous room was completely emptied except for one dusty textbook: Fuzzy Math, by Andrew Fastow. Studying up on the mathematics of narcotics forfeiture laws, perhaps? He had written in all of the answers to the practice exercises, except the ones on page 458 - the Constitutional Calculus section. Naturally, it didn't take us long to figure out where he went next. Can you?

- R. S.

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