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Featured Case: Jessie Stair
Ms. Stair was the first narcotics trafficker I caught on the job at Cranea. The police had obtained a search warrant for her house up on Griffith Street, near Candlestick Point. But when they arrived, she had vanished without a trace. That's where my team came in. The police showed me a few photos they took when they stormed her house, and we were soon right back on her trail.

That drug money may have won her two or three years with a famous boyfriend and a nice view of the Bay. But thanks to Cranea, she's currently winning twenty to thirty years in the Chowchilla Women's Correctional Facility.

- M.N.

Residence of J. Stair
Search Warrant Date: 8/19/2003

Her inconspicuous address plaque. Ms. Stair was suspected of several crimes, including arson. Cannibal!? A rotary hammer from her toolbox. Every wastepaper basket had been emptied. Perhaps a clean freak? Jessie Stair was addicted to numerous prescription painkillers, including OxyContin, Vicodin, Methadone, and Percocet. Concealed weapons. Despite living within walking distance from Monster Park, Ms. Stair was apparently a passionate Raiders fan. Her most notorious client was also her boyfriend - 'Home Alone' actor Macaulay Culkin. Narcotics was a lucrative business. These bills were found under the couch. This Golden Gate painting was laced with acid. This brain diagram was ripped out of a 'Scientific American' issue. Private conference room. Hey, she loved to surf. Before Jessie began trafficking, she studied Egyptology at Berkeley. Hieroglyphics were found in her notebook. Investigators found dinosaur pens in the parlor.
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