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Cranea will be hosting an on-the-job training session on Friday, April 22, 2005 at 6 PM, open to teams of Roble Hall residents who are interested in the promising field of narcotics enforcement. Only a limited number of teams may participate, so apply online today!

We have found that narcotics enforcement agents (NEAs) are especially effective in teams of 4-5 people. Successful teams typically have a wide range of problem-solving skills. Knowledge of such varied fields as biology, chemistry, physics, paper-folding, petroleum engineering, epic poetry, psychology, and even Colombian politics may prove invaluable when tracking down nefarious narcotics transgressors.

In order to prove your skills as potential NEAs, your team will follow the trail of a fugitive narcotics trafficker throughout the Bay Area. (At any given time, there are approximately 200 fugitive narcotics traffickers in the Bay Area. We will assign your team a particular target when you arrive for training.) Your team's success will be measured by the swiftness of your target's arrest, and the degree to which your team demonstrates independence in working with minimal help from current Cranea NEAs.

If any narcotics traffickers are captured during the training, the top team from the training will earn their forfeited property and a full time job as narcotics enforcement agents!

Training Details

Training Period Approximately 12-18 hours beginning at 6 PM PDT, Friday April 22, 2005.
Training Location To be announced.
Application Deadline

Applications are due at 11:59 PM PDT, Sunday, April 17, 2005. There will be no exceptions to this deadline.

Notification of Application Status Cranea will announce which teams are accepted to the training by 6:00 PM PDT, Monday April 18, 2005.
Team Requirements All teams must have at least two current or former residents of Roble Hall and can contain anywhere between 2 and 5 people. Your team must fit in a single vehicle. (Update 4/6/05: We will allow teams of 6 people; however, these teams will be evaluated on a significantly harsher scale than other teams, so contact us before you choose this approach.)
Transportation Teams must provide their own transportation. If none of your team members own a car, you may rent one from Enterprise, which offers very reasonable prices to Stanford students.
Required Materials All teams must bring at least one PC or Mac laptop, and a cell phone. Cranea will provide each team with a power inverter.
Optional Materials Practicing your problem-solving skills in the Featured Cases section may help you determine what other items may help you during the training. You are limited only by the amount of space in your vehicle.

NEA Recruiting 4/22/05 - View Application


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