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Cranea Mission Statement

On December 22, 2001, in a joint meeting of the Cranea board of directors and executive team, Cranea's mission statement was created as follows:

The California Rapid Alert Narcotics Enforcement Agency (CRANEA) shall serve the community by surreptitiously investigating and tracking the most heinous narcotics violators, and providing information to law enforcement to allow the violators' timely arrest.

In order to accomplish this goal, the executive team decided to focus their recruitment efforts on Stanford undergraduates, who were determined to be both highly intelligent and underemployed.

Cranea Leadership

Cranea is led by three Stanford graduates:

Chief Operations Officer
Elise Troyer (MA '78, JD '86)

Ms. Troyer joined Cranea in February 2001. After serving for 14 years as the legal consultant for the California Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement (BNE), Elise became concerned about the BNE's decreasing state funding and dwindling investigative talent. At Cranea, her top duties include recruiting top narcotics investigators and negotiating financial settlements with law enforcement.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Gordon Corder (MBA '76, PhD '81)

After a distinguished ten-year career as a lieutenant in the Compton, California police department, Dr. Corder entered Stanford Business School in 1972. He earned an MBA summa-cum-laude, then joined the Psychology department and earned his doctorate in criminal psychology. Having witnessed the deleterious effects of narcotics firsthand, he hoped to found an organization that could address the roots of violence and drug abuse. In the meantime, he was recruited by Intel Corporation, and served to manage their x86 processor architecture for nearly 20 years. In January 2001, after realizing the extent of the government's failure to prosecute the war on drugs, Dr. Corder left Intel to found Cranea. At Cranea, Dr. Corder is known for teaching new recruits how to "think like a narcotics trafficker."

Chairman of the Board
Herman Walck (BA '76)

Herman Walck is in charge of Cranea's long-term strategy. He lives in Mountain View with his wife Kathy and four cats.


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