California Rapid Alert Narcotics Enforcement Agency
Imagine the opportunity.
Enjoy the admiration of your community. Experience the rush of heart-pounding adrenaline. See that justice is served.

Narcotics offenses in California are at an all-time high. While the law enforcement system incarcerates drug dealers and addicts at an ever-increasing rate, the elusive drug kingpins and professional smugglers have continued to slip through its grasp. The government – federal, state, and local – simply does not have enough brainpower to track down the most cunning and powerful offenders.

In this time of crisis, Cranea provides the brainpower.

I'm Michael Nyman, lead field investigator for Cranea. After graduating from Stanford in 2002, I – along with 4 of my former classmates – joined Cranea to track down narcotics traffickers and make California a safer place to live. In the past 3 years, my team has followed the trails of several high-profile narcotics criminals, leading to the capture of the infamous Erik Liskey, Jessie Stair, and Buck Argenziano.

Our line of detective work has its share of risks, but also an extroardinary share of rewards. Not only do we achieve the noble satisfaction of improving our community, but thanks to CA HSC §11469, we also earn significant monetary compensation. When you track down an offender as a member of the narcotics enforcement industry, you can receive hundreds of thousands of dollars of the offender's forfeited real-estate, automobiles, and cash assets.

Cranea is looking for the best and brightest.

We at Cranea realize that detectives do not learn their talent from BA or BS, nor a MD, JD, or PhD. Instead, we believe that all Stanford students, even those in their freshman year, are already prepared for the challenges and rewards of narcotics enforcement. You are America's best and its brightest.

Throughout Winter and Spring 2005, Cranea will hold several narcotics enforcement training sessions for teams of interested Stanford students. Training times have been divided by dorm, as follows:

March 4-5, 2005 Stern and Wilbur Halls Applications Closed
March 25-26, 2005 Branner Hall Applications Closed
April 22-23, 2005 Roble Hall Applications Closed

Further details are available on the "Apply for Training" page.


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