24: The BANG was a Bay Area Night Game, held on Saturday, July 18, 2009 from 10 AM to 6 PM in downtown San Jose.


BANG 24 was won by The Burninators, who turned in their completed answer sheet at 1:59 PM. The top 10 teams were:

  Team Adjusted Time
1The Burninators3:49
2Burnin' ηs4:43
3Judean People's Front5:05
4coed astronomy5:25
5Golden Golems6:10
6Blood & Booze6:18
7Continental Breakfast6:36
8The Smoking GNU6:50
10Team Rocket7:22

Complete results can be found in this PDF or this Excel spreadsheet.


At Discovery Meadow, teams received the following materials, in addition to the first puzzle:

Puzzles and Solutions

  1. Location: Discovery Meadow - Sector U16
    Puzzle: Terror is not a Game
    Solution · Story

  2. Location: Outside Adobe Building - Sector P16
    Puzzle: Drop It! (including Rubik's cube in PDF form)
    Solution · Story

  3. Location: McEnery Park - Sector P12
    Puzzle: Signal Noise (used aspects of environment in these photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6)
    Solution · Story

  4. Location: Erik's Delicafé - Sector F18
    Puzzle: Cross Words
    Solution · Story

  5. Location: Gene Pool / Braided Paths - Sector F6
    Puzzle: Global Terror (used aspects of environment in this map)
    Solution · Story

  6. Location: Arena Green Playground - Sector K5
    Puzzle: Facial Recognition (including card retrieved from top of pole in playground)
    Solution · Story

  7. Location: San Pedro Parking Garage - Sector F16
    Puzzle: License to Kill
    Solution · Story

  8. Location: Cesar Chavez Plaza - Sector M21
    Puzzle: Disorientation
    Solution · Story

  9. Location: Outside San Jose Repertory Theatre - Sector K26
    Puzzle: Six Card Stud (including names of playing cards, grouped by backs)
    Solution · Story

  10. Location: MLK Library - Sector F29
    Puzzle: Search for Answers (CHLOE gave teams this sheet if they asked for it)
    Solution · Story

  11. Location: City Hall - Sector B27
    Puzzles: Mission · Technology · Effort · Responsibility · Strength
    Solutions: Mission · Technology · Effort · Responsibility · Strength (to be done)

  12. Location: City Hall - Sector B27 (again)
    Puzzles: Total Recall (second page was printed on a transparency)

Previous Websites

Countdown pre-clue
Pre-event website

Photos / Commentary

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